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Wondering What To Do With Your Pet Over The Holidays? Tips For You

The holiday season is fast approaching. If you are planning to travel to visit family or simply to get away for a while, then you may find yourself with one major question standing in your way. What are you going to do about your pet?
If you have dogs or cats as a member of your family, it may be difficult for you to go on holiday trips and vacations. This is especially true if you cannot bring your pet with you.
When you are trying to figure out what to do with your pet during your holiday trip, you can choose from several options. Get to know some of these options so you can choose the best one for your beloved four-legged friend.
Kennel Services
One of the most well-known options in pet boarding and care services is what is kenneling or kennel services. Kenneling is the most basic pet boarding option available because it involves minimal services and amenities for your pet.
Your pet or pets will stay in a cage (or kennel) for most of their stay in boarding. They will get fed twice a day and will also get breaks outside or have a run in their kennel that extends their cage outdoors via a pet door.
Standard or basic kenneling services do not include any extra perks, socialization with other animals or care beyond the very basics. Because of this, standard kenneling can be quite stressful and even traumatic for pets. The reason many people opt for these basic kenneling services is the price, which is significantly lower than most other options.
Home Pet Sitting Services
Another potential option for your pet when you are on a holiday vacation is to hire a home pet sitter. This person will come into your home and take care of your pets.
The biggest benefit of hiring an in-home pet sitter is that your pets will be able to stay in the environment in which they are most comfortable. This helps to reduce the potential trauma and stress associated with going to a kennel. However, there are also some drawbacks when it comes to home pet sitting services.
One of those drawbacks is the fact that you will be letting a stranger into your house. Many people are uncomfortable with someone being in their home when they are not there because of the potential for theft as well as the possibility that the pet sitter may not fulfill their duties as promised.
Pet Hotel Services
A newer and quite popular option for pet boarding, especially for longer trips and holiday vacations is the pet hotel. Pet hotels are like kennels in that your pet will go to a location outside of your home to be taken care of while you are gone. However, the similarities end there.
Pet hotels offer comfortable and luxurious accommodations for pets that stay with them. Animals get larger sleeping areas, can cohabitate with other pets from their household and can have soft, comfortable beds in their rooms.
Most pet hotels have 24/7 staff to care for and comfort pets. Animals get their twice-daily meals and can receive special treats and snacks in addition to their meals. Playtime, walks and even socializing with other animals are also popular options.
Pet hotels also often have trained professional veterinary staff either on-site or on-call to provide any necessary veterinary care if an animal falls ill or has any kind of accident while at the hotel. The amenities offered by pet hotels vary, but the experience is usually positive for the pets that stay in the pet hotel — stress is kept to a bare minimum.
Now that you know some of the pet boarding and care options available to you, you can solidify your holiday plans and be sure your pet is well taken care of while you are away. 


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