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Puppy's First Sleepover: 5 Tips to Give Your Pet a Memorable Vacation

You wish you could take your dog everywhere, but the truth is that's not always possible. Whether you have a business trip or an overseas vacation planned, it's reassuring to know you can always have your dog stay at a pet hotel you trust.

Getting ready for your puppy's first time away from home requires a little preparation, but the effort is worth it when you return to a wagging tail and lots of love. As you nervously anticipate your first time being separated, follow these steps to give your dog a week that is full of fun and pampering.

Make Sure Your Dog is Healthy
You've chosen to have your puppy stay at a clean, professionally staffed pet hotel, so you know that they'll be safe. Now, you can increase your reassurance by making sure your dog is healthy before you leave. Check the vaccination requirements for your dog's pet hotel and arrange for a veterinarian to give a full exam. You want to make sure that your dog is ready to be away from home for several days.

Arrange For a Pre-Stay Visit
It’s natural for dogs to exhibit nervous behavior when they are in a new environment. Help ease your dog's anxiety by asking if you can visit the pet hotel a few days in advance of their stay. You can choose to keep the visit short and just have your dog meet a member of the staff if you feel that they need several visits.

Alternatively, you could schedule for your dog to have a grooming or play session where they can be fully immersed in the sights and sounds of the kennel. Either way, this tip allows your pet to quickly get comfortable on the day you check them in.

Schedule Special Activities
As the proud companion of a new puppy, you know that a bored dog is an unhappy one. Ask about special services that you can use to personalize your dog's visit.

For instance, you can arrange for a massage to help your dog relax on their first day, or you can arrange for them to romp in the splash area when you know that they love making new friends. The best part is that you will be just as happy to know that your dog is having as much fun as you while you’re away.

Know What to Pack
While your pet hotel will have all the basic necessities to keep your dog healthy and comfortable during their stay, it will be necessary to bring a few things from home if they have special needs.

You will need to pack your dog's medications in their original container with labeled instructions for the hotel staff. If your dog eats a special diet, then you will also want to bring their food from home. During check-in, you may also give the staff a list of other information such as emergency contacts that they can use to ensure quality care.

Let the Staff Know Your Pup's Quirks
It’s also important to remember not to overlook the little things that make your dog unique. Let the staff know about your puppy's silly habits such as circling their food bowl a few times before settling down to eat. You may also want to tell the staff if your dog has any fears, such as thunder or squeak toys. By knowing these quirks the staff will know to comfort your dog in the presence of things that make them feel anxious.

At Animal Friends Pet Hotel & Grooming, we are always ready to make a pet's first time away from home a happy experience. From giving you ideas on what to bring to arranging for the ultimate luxury experience, let us know how we can help you plan your vacation today.


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